I’m starting the new year the same way I ended 2020, thankful for the evolution of Be Seen by Staci, an eyestyle blog with a shop featuring Be Seen Chains, eyewear chains created by me. Thank you for every order, like, comment, tag, share & follow!
A little about me:
 I’m a boy mom of three: Dominique, aka “Nico”, an almost teenager who thinks he knows it all; my true middle child Iverson aka “Ivey”, a talkative 5 year old; and the baby, Bryson aka “BumBum”, my 2 year old who will turn the house upside down in 5 minutes flat!
 I juggle a demanding career as a Conflicts Analyst at one of the best global law firms. It’s stressful and the hours are crazy, but I enjoy what I do and have a supportive team of colleagues.
 I studied apparel manufacturing management at FIDM in Los Angeles, and dreamed of designing accessories 15+ years ago. Eyewear chains is the focus for now but I imagine a colorful line of statement frames down the road {and fun collaborations along the way}.
 I was a style & handbag blogger for many years and opened what I referred to as a “blogtique” to sell handbags – it was fun while it lasted.
 I’m a true Scorpio – loyal, passionate, and an extroverted introvert still trying to conquer my fear of being in front of the camera. I’m determined to incorporate more live video and put my YouTube channel to use this year.

Your turn – tell me about you.

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