As we enter into week 4 of social distancing, I’m starting to think more about what I have learned about myself and the new version of me that will emerge when we’re finally free to return to our normal routine. I usually buy frames to signify an event in my life – a career change, having a baby, my birthday, a new season {LOL} – as my way to justify having multiple pairs of glasses. Am I the only one? Launching this blog a year after its inception is a huge deal because this beautifully designed site {thanks Shari of Little Blue Deer Design!} sat for a solid year before I finally committed to launching it. Since being home 24-7, I began to notice “be seen” more, along with the message “start now, perfect later” {thanks for the push, Jessie of Cappuccinos and Consignment!}.

As I decide on my next frame purchase, I’m sharing a few tips that help me navigate through the process.

  • Research – look for highly rated/recommended opticians/optical boutiques in your area and visit prior to making an appointment. I’m a vibey person so I need to know ahead of time whether the place is a good fit for me. Two important factors: do I click with the staff and is there a good selection of unique frames?
  • Be in a good mood – you have to be in the right frame of my mind. If you don’t feel like being bothered, DO NOT attempt to shop! It’s a waste of everyone’s time involved if you have a bad attitude. When I bring my positive energy, I’m guaranteed to have a much better experience.
  • Pack your patience and an open mind – if you have an eye exam scheduled for the same day that you’re planning to buy new frames, arrive 30 minutes early or factor in 30+ minutes after exam to browse around. If you don’t have the time, go back another day to shop. You need time to try on lots of glasses and shouldn’t rush. Yes, you must try on many pairs and have an open mind when doing so. I challenge my clients {aka friends and family who seek my style expertise} to branch out and try on everything!
  • Don’t settle – if you don’t see any frames that tickle your fancy, ask for a copy of your prescription and leave. You don’t have to buy your glasses immediately following your eye exam. Shop around, consider getting styled virtually and check out some of my IG faves for eyestyle inspiration: @utenzimiller @styleeyesoptical @scoogle_ @browngirlswearglasses @theeyewhisperer @kindredbydesign_official

Photo credit: Rongrong DeVoe

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