I appreciate every picture I receive from happy customers because they bring my eyewear chains to life. After making a few for myself several months ago, I envisioned something much bigger and had to push myself to execute it. I pushed through the doubt [of whether people would like it], fear [of failure] and insecurity [of having to be in front of the camera].

As I sit in bed typing this post after 1am, I can finally exhale and thank God (again). Thank you, God, for blessing me with an eye for mixing colors, a love for glasses and accessories and the opportunity to use my gifts to make others feel seen and fabulous. {The beauties pictured above are wearing Be Seen Chains from the Rain collection.}

25 new Be Seen Chains were added to the shop! Stop by and let me know if any catch your eye. Feel free to email me or send a DM on IG or FB.

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