Life has changed drastically since COVID-19 has invaded the world. Most of us are still adjusting to our new normal of social distancing and staying home indefinitely during this pandemic. It’s devastating to witness so many losing their lives and loved ones, unemployment reaching record highs, businesses closing, and all we hear about on the news day in and day out. We also experience resiliency, creativity and innovation. Businesses are going digital to stay connected while others have already been ahead of the curve and just doing more to meet the needs of their customers.

The latter applies to Utenzi Miller, a business savvy third-generation optician and master stylist, who leads a dynamic team of eyewear specialist at Elegant Eyes, a family owned and operated optical center with three locations – Newark and East Orange, New Jersey, and Atlanta Eyewear Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. Elegant Eyes offers a well curated selection of unique, luxury, highly coveted eyewear from independent designers.

Utenzi was recognized by Eyecare Business (EB) as one of the 2019 #GameChangers for the mark she has made in the industry. Her goal, “to leave my eyewear blueprint all over the globe”. Utenzi is on her way to doing just that! She understands the innovation required to meet the wants and needs of her clients by offering a concierge service – exclusive eyewear, exceptional customer service and accessibility to those who want her style expertise.

I’m already scheming on my next pair of frames so I can have a new look when it’s safe to go out again. If you’re interested in a virtual style session with Utenzi, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Visit to schedule your frame review – there’s a short form to complete
  2. Secure your style box – cost: $250 which includes virtual fitting fee and a $150 credit toward your purchase (or returned if no purchase is made).
  3. Join your virtual style session – after you receive 4 pairs of glasses thoughtfully chosen by Utenzi, you will meet to discuss fit, comfort and style
  4. Pick your frames – choose the frames you love and return all 4 pair. You will receive a new pair, with your prescription (if needed).

I jumped at the chance to meet Utenzi and get my frame fix when she was in D.C. during her 6-city tour last year. She was super friendly and down to earth. When shopping for frames, the optician can either make or break my experience. I’m a vibey person so if we don’t mesh or the energy is weird, I’ll make a u-turn quick! That was not the case with Utenzi and her team. My process for finding the perfect frame was breezy and fun. There were so many fabulous options! I ended up with four favorites (pictured above). I finally chose the rose tinted aviators by Grey Ant after my guys weighed in with their vote.

If you book an appointment with Utenzi, please share your experience and your before and after frames. In the meantime, follow Utenzi on IG for your daily dose of eyestyle inspiration.

Photo credit: Utenzi Miller

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