Today I’m celebrating my mom, the fancy and fabulous “Joanie”. Eight years ago, she lost her battle to a rare autoimmune blood disorder, TTP, within 4 months of being diagnosed. It still feels like yesterday so I took a “mental health day” for a little self care, quality time with my guys and to reminisce on the dynamic woman she was and raised me to be.

Joanie is my style icon and inspiration for Be Seen by Staci. A true Leo, she unapologetically enjoyed the finer things in life – traveled the world and shopped every where she visited. Having 30+ years of access to amazing fashion and accessories, while playing dress up as often as I could get away with, influences how I show up every day.

Joanie helped me develop my self confidence and personal style from an early age. When I had acne and an overbite, she found the best dermatologist and orthodontist. When I felt insecure about my writing in high school, she sent me to the local community college for a writing course to improve. When we found out I had to wear glasses, she took me to find the perfect pair and many pairs after that. As I got older, Joanie encouraged me to never dull my shine and show up fabulous to “see and be seen”.

Happy Birthday, Joanie! You will continue to be my source of inspiration for all that I do. Not a day goes by without thinking of you and wishing you were here…

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