I discovered I-Wear by Raqui while following the amazingly talented artist/designer Yvette Crocker {pictured in top two pics}. The woman behind the frames, Raqui Rhodes {pictured in bottom two pics}, explains,”The “I” in I-wear stands for Individuality, Inspiration, Motivate, made in His Image, Ministry , Life. My brand is about breaking the chains and barriers of what society tells us about the ‘correct’ way to look, think, smile, feel, live and love. My brand is for the rule breakers, those who lead and set their own trends!

I love when there’s an empowering message or story behind a product. Raqui designs to inspire women to be fearless and confident. Let’s talk about the attention to detail that makes each handmade statement frame so unique – vibrant color combinations of yarn thread, beautiful embellishments like jeweled bees and butterflies, Czech glass crystals, 14k gold pearl beads and large white resin white pearls, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver spikes, and more.

After several visits to, I have narrowed my wishlist to the following: Pout, Mixed Jungle, Instrumental, The Black Panther, Havana Nights in France, and Chou バタフライ. Which frames are your favorite?

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